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At a time when companies are trying to increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of their products or services, there is a quiet and growing problem that is slowing their progress.

Few companies realize the myriad of issues their employees are dealing with in terms of addressing the eldercare related challenges of their parents and other loved ones. The time employees spend making phone calls and researching these issues during normal business hours is significant and has a direct impact on their employer’s bottom line.

Few companies know how to properly address this issue.
Certified Senior Solutions provides the optimal solution.

By availing themselves of the eldercare assistance services offered by Certified Senior Solutions, a non-profit mission based organization, employers achieve a higher degree of worker satisfaction, reduce the loss of quality employees, and have increased the loyalty and goodwill of their workforce. Employees will now save time and worry by having a reliable resource to turn to when trying to navigate eldercare related issues for their loved ones.

Our Eldercare Assistance Program offers the following services to your employees: